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A complete and varied natural stone programme for 125 years

For 125 years Dekker Natuursteen has been demonstrating that ground-breaking market opportunities can be created if you can guarantee quality, variation and expertise. Our company, which has been located near Hilversum in the Netherlands since 1887, is one of the oldest natural stone processing companies in Europe. The great strength of Dekker Natuursteen is its extensive network of renowned quarries throughout Europe and Asia. Thanks to the strengthening of trade relations with a large number of natural stone companies in China, our company has even been referred to in recent years as a 'specialist in Chinese natural stone'. All of this enables Dekker Natuursteen to deliver a complete, varied and exclusive natural stone programme. The delivery area extends across the entire European continent where numerous contractors, architects and property companies can count on precise performance of orders and an excellent after-sales service.

Knowledge and experience

Dekker Natuursteen has acquired a huge wealth of knowledge about materials from all over the world. Originally set up in the 1950s, the company has since built up a 'stone library' comprising more than 3,000 types and variants of natural stone. By searching the world for the best production companies and by frequently checking all deliveries during production and before transport, Dekker Natuursteen is able to guarantee the best quality for the best price.